Our goals

Help the child take his first steps in faith and lay the foundation for becoming an adult with a balanced and living spiritual life

A 10-year program

Atelier du Moniteur is pleased to welcome you in its English version. The project is to offer you all the English programs. Currently only the 1st year of the Junior program is available.

A solid and balanced teaching, adapted to each age level, allowing the child to base his faith on the Bible.

The Monitor Workshop offers a Bible teaching program for Sunday school classes. Very comprehensive lessons can be easily used by beginner or experienced instructors.

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3 years to help the child integrate God into his daily life

4 years for a chronological journey from Genesis to Revelation (translation in progress)

3 years to learn the doctrinal bases and teachings of Jesus and the apostles (translation in progress)

Getting to know me

Christine Collet, wife of Pastor Daniel Collet.

Responsible for the instructors of an Evangelical Church in the Lille metropolis, a teacher in the Bible teaching of children and a family worker.

“I like to tell the children about the wonderful works of my Heavenly Father, to pass on to them the faith and joy he has put in me.

Today, it is with you, instructors, monitors, and other visitors to the site, that I wanted to share this beautiful adventure that began a few years ago and will continue as long as the Lord desires.”

What to read

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The Child Today: A Challenge for the Church


The child today

Listening to the concerns of society, the child today occupies a central place. The child is a singular being, a social being similar to others and different among others similar to him.

The instructor’s training


In shape!

Work as if everything depended on us, and expect us in God as if everything depended on Him.

The goal to be achieved

TargetYou can get the wrong goal!
Three possible trajectory errors…

The conversion of a child


Salvation for all

The Bible makes no restrictions on who is affected by the offer of salvation (John 3.16). As soon as a child is aware of his sin, he needs to reconcile with his Creator.

Adapting education to the child


What happens in a nest?

Since the sun has risen, we hear incessant spllings in the nest comfortably installed. The little ones are hungry, and even very hungry. Parents go back and forth continuously to feed their nest. What a job! Let’s imagine for a moment…

The pedagogical sheet


Organize the lesson

The pedagogical sheet allows the preparation of the lesson to be organised; then, it can be referred to during the session.

We’re good here!


A good atmosphere

If we can create a peaceful, joyful, confident, relaxed atmosphere, the children will look for it.

Start with prayer


A good habit

Start each of our meetings with prayer.

Discipline: a little order, please!


It’s unavoidable!

At some point, the instructor has to do a little (or a lot) of discipline.

Visuals, images, their importance


Replace speeches with image

As much as possible, it is best to replace the speeches with the image. What for?

The moment of singing

SingingSinging is important for believers

They thus proclaim their faith, confess the name of Jesus, and strengthen themselves spiritually. 


Teaching children a song

GuitarSome tips

Children can be taught a song to be sung during the sessions, or to perform it on a special occasion, a church party.

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