Dosed for him, adapted to his development, presenting him to God as he can appreciate him, love him, and learn to trust him, he can be used both in church in daycare and at home.

Author: Andrée LOAS
Publisher: League for Bible Reading
(On sale in Christian bookstores)

It includes 11 very detailed lessons divided into three themes:

  • Series 1: Jesus loves children
    • Lesson 1: Jesus receives children (4 sessions)
    • Lesson 2: Jesus heals a little boy (4 sessions)
  • Series 2: God did everything
    • Lesson 1: God made water, plants and animals (7 sessions)
    • Lesson 2: God made me me (6 sessions)
  • Series 3: God Takes Care of Me
    • Lesson 1: God Protects Me (3 sessions)
    • Lesson 2: God gives me food (3 sessions)
    • Lesson 3: God gives me a family (4 sessions)

Typical lesson from this manual:

Series 1, Lesson 1:   Jesus Welcomes Children

For the first session, if the children are only two years old and not yet going to school, they will be very intimidated. Some people may cry.
Nor will they understand that they are being asked to sit for a few minutes.
This should not disturb you. Your little students will gradually know what you expect from them. Week after week, they will be able to stay more attentive to the program.
If one or two children are worried, or if they don’t sit for a minute, your assistant take them on her lap.

What the Child Will Learn Biblical History Song Material
– Jesus is kind.
– Jesus loves children.
– Jesus loves me. Mark 10: 13,14,16 Jesus loves little children
A photo of every child in the class
The image of Jesus with the children (page 64)

The lesson

First contact
Children see their photos displayed on the wall or placed on the ground.
They look at them (it can last a long time), they recognize each other.
Every child is appointed.
This exercise will give them confidence: they are known!

The Bible

You direct their attention to the rag doll that sits in front of them. Her name is Chouquette. She reads the Bible.
You take the Bible: It’s the Bible. Children repeat “the Bible.”
The Bible speaks of Jesus.
You open the Bible and say: Listen to the beautiful story of Jesus that I read in the Bible.

Biblical history

The kids are very happy. They’re going to see Jesus. In the street, the little girl smiles, the little boy jumps for joy.
Finally, they come close to Jesus, but they don’t see him. There are a lot of great people. They listen to Jesus.
The children try to get close to Jesus, but a man says to them, “Go away, children. Jesus speaks to the great people. There is no time for you. Go away.”
The children are sad. They don’t smile anymore. They want to cry. They won’t see Jesus!
But Jesus sees them. They call them: “Come, children! Come! I love you. I want to see you.”
The children run to Jesus. How happy they are! How nice Jesus is! He takes them in his arms, he talks to them. Yes, Jesus loves children.

And me?

Show the image of Jesus with the children.
Jesus loves children. Jesus loves Marine, Jesus loves Thomas, Jesus loves Camille… (name each child). Jesus loves little children like Marine, like Thomas…
Sing “Jesus loves little children” several times while showing the image of Jesus among the children.
The kids aren’t going to go with you. They’ll just listen to you and watch you, for many more weeks if they’re only two years old! But they will gradually withhold, and soon will repeat a word here, a word there. Keep singing alone without being discouraged: the children record everything.

For the first session with two-year-olds, that’s all. You don’t have to want to do more.


While the children are playing, sing for them: Jesus loves small children (several times).
Take the children one by one on your lap and sing “Jesus loves children like you.”

Other sessions

Do this basic lesson in a whole four weeks in a row. Don’t be afraid: children won’t get tired. They need this rehearsal to learn. To relive what they have already experienced will produce a sense of security, which they need very much.
For the next three sessions, gradually add these activities:

  • Bible

You ask a child to go and take the Bible and give it to you. Children of this age are not used to obeying instructions. But once they understand what you expect from them, they will do so with pleasure.
When you present the Bible, children can say with you: This is the Bible. She’s talking about Jesus. Just hear them repeat “Bible” and “Jesus.” It is possible that only one or two children will know how to do so. But every week, the children will become a little more confident and will soon dare to talk.

  • And me?

After biblical history, tell each child individually: Jesus loves you.

  • Finally,

Make a little round to sing. But don’t be too demanding. Holding hands to turn is something new for the little ones. It will take several weeks until they know how to do it, and even longer until they can do it by singing!

Jesus loves little children
like me (bis)
Little ones like me
Jesus receives them
Jesus loves little children
Like me

© copyright – all rights reserved. Author: Andrée Loas – Publisher: League for Reading the Bible