Adapting education to the child


What happens in a nest?

Since the sun has risen, we hear incessant spllings in the nest comfortably installed. The little ones are hungry, and even very hungry. Parents go back and forth continuously to feed their nest. What a job! Let’s imagine for a moment…

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The moment of singing

SingingSinging is important for believers

They thus proclaim their faith, confess the name of Jesus, and strengthen themselves spiritually. 


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Do you have a champion soul?

An athlete does not turn out to be a champion on the morning of victory. This moment is just the manifestation of what it has been for many years. To succeed, he had to make choices. He had to train and prepare with courage and determination to achieve his goal....

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Loving children like Jesus

LOVE PROVES ITSELF If we are asked if we like children, we will answer "of course!" And yet, the answer is not so simple. Our love can quickly reach its limits in certain circumstances. True love is not only what we feel, such as tenderness, emotion, sympathy,...

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Telling a story

TellEveryone likes to hear stories!

And especially, children. But how can you tell and captivate your audience when you’re not used to it?

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Working together

You're entitled to my respect! In a team effort, especially in pairs, each instructor must stick to the part that has been allocated to him: singing, lesson, activities ... except for special needs and agreement among all. For example, he should avoid commenting on...

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Why activities?



Adapting to the child’s abilities

The lesson itself does not last more than 15-20 minutes, at the greatest maximum, the teaching can continue in other forms through the activities.

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Ideas for activities

If we want children to remain interested in our teaching throughout the session, (and therefore avoid heckling) it is imperative to add a variety of activities. What kinds of activities can be done in the application of a lesson?

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Explaining salvation to children




Be simple but not reductive 

The state of perdition and the path to salvation are the same for all human beings. However, it is clear that you will not speak to a child with the same terms as if you were talking to an adult.

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Always ready!





Let’s talk material

Didn’t you ever have to give up an activity just to not have to go a few kilometers to buy a tube of strong glue or colored paper?

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Watch out DANGER!


The teenagers who are they?

Beings in the making, under construction, helpless, I would say in construction. They therefore need mandatory security measures.

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3-year-olds’ manual



“The toddlers discover God”

Children will learn that God loves them, and that he also loves other children in the family and their parents. They are no longer the center of the world! We want to help them see those around them and begin to become aware of their needs.

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The monitor’s fights

Knowing how to react in difficulty
The Word of God, the word of truth, which does not obscure any aspect of Christian life, offers us his answers so that our service may be imbued with the victory of the Lord Jesus.

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Teach biblical doctrine to children? Yes!



Although they grew up in the church and in a Christian family, many young people did not really grasp the basic Christian doctrines. Without falling prey to false doctrines, they have difficulty in clearly stating the things they believe in.

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The Action of the Bible, God’s Word on the Child

 Does the child always have to understand the word?

“You don’t understand what I’m doing now, but you’ll understand later.” (John 13.7) When Jesus taught the parables, even his disciples did not understand them afterwards, they were allegories: “Then Jesus left the crowd and went home. His disciples approached him and said, “Explain to us the parable of the weed in the field.” (Matthew 13.36)

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Reference books

Here is a selection of books, recent or old, that I have made for you, the monitors, among the many books I have been able to read in order to improve my service. Accessible to all, they constitute a minimum "base" of knowledge essential for our service to children....

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Super mono

Is it necessary to have a special ability to care for children or a special affection for them in order to be able to teach them the Word of God? First of all, being a good facilitator (knowing how to lead a group, organize activities, have good contact with...

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The monitor’s tools

The goal is above all spiritual, The instructor needs a variety of spiritual tools: Communion with the Lord The current must pass between the monitor and God so that the monitor can speak to him and direct him. The monitor will be able to give the children the "bread...

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Characteristics of children aged 2 to 5

Excerpt from the book "Pais my lambs" (exhausted) by Wendy HANNA, with permission from the author. Physical: Application to Teaching: He is very active but gets tired very quickly. Provide for moments of physical activity and periods of rest. He likes to touch...

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How Jesus sees children

An article by Pastor Edouard KOWALSKI Let us seek to look at the children with the eyes and heart of Jesus. The children, in the time of Jesus, were like the children you know today. Jesus could meet the children you work with, he would have the same reactions. Let us...

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Characteristics of children aged 6 to 8

Excerpt from the book "Pais my lambs" (exhausted) by Wendy HANNA, with permission from the author. Physical: Application to teaching: He is very active in words and deeds. Choose songs with gestures, mimic verses, play history. He gets tired easily, he can't sit too...

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Characteristics of children aged 9 to 12

Excerpt from the book "Pais my lambs" (exhausted) by Wendy HANNA, with permission from the author. Physical: Application to teaching: Its growth slows down, it is very active and exuberant. He enjoys participating in camps and outdoor activities. Its muscle...

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Let’s get up and grab them by the hand

An article by Nicole DENIZOU The child today Listening to the concerns of society, the child today   occupies a central place. The child is a singular being, a social being similar to others and different among others similar to him."If he is small, we talk about...

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Teen: what investments?

An article by Nicole DENIZOU

About 40 years ago, I was keen to get involved with the teenagers in the church where we were. At that time, I think I was the first to do so. We had some very strong moments. We have seen conversions, healings, it has changed the face of the church where we were. There was a bible teaching adapted every week for them, quickly I set up a singing and orchestra activity, and we were able to form a group with which we were evangelizing.

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Tips for Family Worship

To help you succeed in a moment of sharing and prayer as a family : Prepare a little in advance your intervention in front of the children with the help of the educational sheet (you can ask for advice from the leaders of your church who are used to using this...

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Text for video presentation

Info: Lessons continue to be sold on the site. The current offer concerns lessons already acquired by individuals or churches, which normally can only be used in the context of teaching in church. This is an extension of the right of use. During the lockdown, monitors...

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