Excerpt from the book “Pais my lambs” (exhausted) by Wendy HANNA, with permission from the author.

Physical: Application to teaching:
He is very active in words and deeds. Choose songs with gestures, mimic verses, play history.
He gets tired easily, he can’t sit too long without moving. Offer a varied program of short activities, interspersed with quiet moments.
He began to develop his coordination and manual abilities. Give activities at his level. Avoid, for the youngest, too detailed drawings and manual activities too precise.
Mental: Application to teaching:
He is curious, eager to learn. He enjoys hearing biblical stories and volunteers to learn verses by heart.
He needs a routine. While keeping a structure, vary activities.
Its reading capacity is limited. Make sure to use the writing characters he learns at school, avoid capital letters.
The notions of time and space are still unclear. The present above all is important. Delete time details, dates and maps.
He needs help in making decisions. He can make a real decision for Jesus. Make sure he doesn’t do it to follow others.
Its listening capacity is quite short. Be aware of this by preparing the program.
Social: Application to teaching:
He’s looking for friendships outside the family circle. He needs to share with other children, to make friendships.
It seeks adult approval. He is sensitive to correction. Discipline by rewarding his good behavior, by praising his good deeds.
He likes to help. Offer them opportunities to help in the preparation or storage of the room.
He feels safer in small groups. Know each child by name. Form small groups, at least for part of the program.
Spiritual: Application to teaching:
He accepts God as his creator. Give him opportunities to study nature, to thank God for all he has created.
He conceives only confusedly the notion of trinity. For him, it is an object of faith rather than understanding.
He expects immediate and concrete answers to his prayers. Teach him how God responds, that he can also say “no.”
He thinks in a concrete way; nevertheless, spiritual experiences are within his reach. Avoid symbols: Jesus “at the door” of his heart, Jesus will make his heart “white” “black”, etc.
Biblical heroes are very much alive to him. To carry the teaching on the great men of the Bible.
He may be aware of God’s presence. He can praise the Lord and know him personally.
He’s very confident. Teach him to put his trust in the Lord.