Excerpt from the book “Pais my lambs” (exhausted) by Wendy HANNA, with permission from the author.

Physical: Application to teaching:
Its growth slows down, it is very active and exuberant. He enjoys participating in camps and outdoor activities.
Its muscle coordination is greater. Written work improves and it can perform more advanced manual activities.
Mental: Application to teaching:
He wonders about the why and how of things. It’s time to use provocative questions; allow for discussion time.
Its logic is developing. Give him problems to solve himself.
He begins to be able to think in the abstract. Start teaching parables and symbols.
He reads and writes well, but sometimes has a limited vocabulary. Give opportunities to use the Bible and do simple written activities.
It memorizes easily. Give biblical passages to learn by heart. Make the name of the books of the Bible memorize.
Its ability to concentrate is greater. Consider this by setting the duration of each activity.
He’s capable of creativity. Give the child the opportunity to develop it through poems, stories, drawings, and manual activities.
He is beginning to have an understanding of time and space. Interested in historical and geographical details. Use dates, maps, ect.
The routine can get boring. Provide variety and surprises in the program.
Social: Application to teaching:
His social consciousness is growing. His shyness diminishes. He’s loyal to the buddies. He enjoys contests and group activities.
He demands justice and loyalty. Set specific rules and ensure compliance.
He is in the age of heroes. Adults are often the object of their admiration. Take the opportunity to direct him to Jesus.
He’s pretty indifferent to the opposite sex. Separate girls from boys from time to time for activities.
It is becoming more and more independent. Give him the opportunity to lead and accept responsibilities.
Spiritual: Application to teaching:
This is a very important age when he can have a deep experience with the Lord, which will help him in the difficult years of adolescence. He is able to make decisions that will have an effect on his whole life. Bring him to Christ and present him with the demands of a disciple. Lay the solid foundation of the main biblical doctrines.
He may have a real relationship with the Lord and be sensitive to the presence of God. Encourage him to get used to a daily personal moment with the Lord.