Explaining salvation to children

29 June 2020

The state of perdition and the path to salvation are the same for all human beings. However, it is clear that you will not speak to a child with the same terms as if you were talking to an adult. Some words and phrases that are familiar to us may mean nothing to a child. His vocabulary is very limited, his ability to listen too. It is therefore necessary to explain briefly and simply, without drowning the child in all kinds of developments:

1. The state of perdition

  • God loves you very much.
  • But because of the harm you’ve done, you’re separated from him forever.

2. The process to be saved

  • Recognize that it is because of the evil you have done that you are separated from God forever and ask forgiveness.
  • Believe that on the cross, Jesus was punished in your place for your sins.
  • Believe that Jesus has come back to life and that he is the Lord, the Master of everything.
  • Accept that he is the Lord of your life.

3. What God follows this process

  • It erases your sins forever.
  • Nothing can separate you from him anymore.
  • He gives you a new life, eternal life.
  • You become his son or daughter forever.

It is advisable, at first, not to develop these different points, except to answer a question from the child. After that, your job as a teacher will be to revisit these topics and develop them more precisely.


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