How to teach children to pray

29 June 2020


1. Teaching to respond to God

The child can learn that he must not ignore him when God, who is a living and present person, has spoken to him. He can say yes, no, or later, it is his freedom. If the child has learned the lesson, he or she will have no difficulty answering it. The other subjects of prayer may be brought in a second time.

2. Help formulate

The child can learn to formulate a coherent prayer, for God listens to him, and just as the child is intelligent, God is, and the child must know it. But it is also a sincere and honest prayer. We don’t tell God anything to soften him, to please the monitor, or to impress the friends. Some children have difficulty speaking out, or saying in a few words what is going on in their hearts. We can then ask the group: “What are we going to answer to the Lord?” Children can be allowed to express themselves and then help them formulate. This wording can be written on the board. During the prayer, the children will be able to take a look at it if necessary. Above all, make it clear to the children that this is a help you offer them. They are not obliged to pray in the direction indicated.

3. Help pray

The monitor may suggest that some children repeat a prayer after sentence after sentence. This method can unlock children who do not know how to pray, but it must remain occasional and not become a habit. When he is more comfortable, he will be able to express himself in his own words.

4. Teaching respect

The session with the children takes place in a good mood and relaxation. However, let us not tolerate mockery or heckling during prayer. The child must be aware that God is present, that He is not to be mocked and that He must be respected at this moment when we address Him directly.. If necessary, let us not hesitate to interrupt the moment of collective prayer to bring the children back to more seriousness.

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