Ideas for activities

29 June 2020

If we want children to remain interested in our teaching throughout the session, (and therefore avoid heckling) it is imperative to add a variety of activities.

What kinds of activities can be done in the application of a lesson?

Text activities

    • Rebus
  • crossword puzzles, hidden
  • coded verse
  • do a search in the Bible


Oral activities

  • Questions
  • Riddles
  • group exchange (large)
  • oral summary of the story by making the images available to the children
  • interview with a biblical character
  • MimePodium
  • testimonials from children and monitors
  • tell a story



Games are good teaching tools (we know that the child works and learns while playing) for a hook, for memorizing the verse, to revise. Games that compete with teams are particularly popular with children. You can also draw inspiration from existing games:

  • memory
  • Goose game
  • 7 families game
  • verse puzzle

Creative work


  • invent a sketch or sketch on a theme
  • make children mimic the biblical narrative (small and medium-sized)
  • compose a song
  • create a comic book or newspaper
  • together create a large poster for the class

Opening outwards

  • request the intervention of an outsider (missionary, pastor…)
  • interview with people from the church
  • establish relationships with children from other churches (mail, visits, etc.)
  • visiting the elderly and singing for them
  • bring an object

Manual creation

If it is attractive enough, the child will take it home and keep it. This is important for some children, as this object may be the only Christian witness in their home. This object may be the support of the verse to be remembered.


  • Booklet
  • Wheel
  • framed or displayed
  • Map
  • puzzlesignet
  • Modeling
  • Coloring
  • Collage
  • decorated object…


Some tips

  • Always have equipment at your disposal to decorate (paillettes, stickers, erasers, felts…). Children like to personalize their creation and just want to express their creativity.
  • Make a model. This will allow you to appreciate the difficulties of the work, modify certain elements if necessary, and prepare all the necessary equipment. In addition, children will enjoy seeing and touching what they are being asked to achieve.
  • For some manual creations, it is necessary for the monitor to perform the most difficult steps of the work in advance, especially if it is alone with the children.
  • The making of a manual creation is an opportunity to speak in particular, to help, to teach certain techniques, which is allows to forge links with children. So it’s best to be available to them at that time.

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A good atmosphere

If we can create a peaceful, joyful, confident, relaxed atmosphere, the children will look for it.

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