Info: Lessons continue to be sold on the site. The current offer concerns lessons already acquired by individuals or churches, which normally can only be used in the context of teaching in church. This is an extension of the right of use. During the lockdown, monitors will be able to send parents materials that they or their church already have.

Text for video presentation:

Hello children and parents!

For the past few days, each of us has had to stay home. It may sound like a lot of fun at first, but soon we’re going to get bored. Why don’t we take advantage of all this free time to get to know our God better? I’m sure that He has a lot of things to tell us and beautiful experiences to make us live… and usually, we don’t have too much time for Him…

You will receive by email a Bible lesson that I invite you to share with your family in one or more times. This lesson contains a Bible story, teaching, pictures, games, coloring, crafts, activity sheets. Usually, the people who use these documents are the instructors who teach the children in the Church. But during this particular period, it is the parents who will explain the lesson to the children.

I wish you good times of sharing and prayer as a family.