The goal to be achieved

29 June 2020

TargetYou can get the wrong goal!

Three possible trajectory errors…


  • Occupying, distracting children during adult worship. If we are aware that they need to establish a true relationship with the Lord and that, perhaps, for some of them, no one else cares, then we will work to earn them to Jesus.
  • Moralize. The child can be taught how to behave as a good Christian, but if his heart is not regenerated, we deceive him: morality has never saved anyone. The pattern that the Lord Jesus himself has shown us is very simple: a person born above bears good fruit and leads a life that glorifies God, not the other way around.
  • Educating. Even if we have to exercise some discipline, the child’s education is the responsibility of the parents. We work with children from all backgrounds and backgrounds, and we have little time to succeed. Let’s focus on the goal:

To bring the child to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and
teach him to walk with God, so that he may become a disciple of the Lord.

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