The instructor’s training

29 June 2020


In shape!

Work as if everything depended on us, and expect us in God as if everything depended on Him.

Aim high

attentiveBecause a child is particularly receptive, we must ensure the quality of our teaching.

  • Content: a solid preparation of the subject is necessary (by the way, the monitor derives a great personal benefit)
  • Presentation: for the same reason, we must follow the example we set in the way we serve: use good materials, give neat and attractive activity sheets, do not give way to mediocrity: this is a great way to lead by example. Let us inspire the children to serve the Lord enthusiastically and kindly!

Let us not be afraid to work hard and well for the Lord: is He not worthy of it? Moreover, He is not an ungrateful master: even a glass of water given in his name will have his reward, will he? And what an honor to serve Him, with the goal of an eternal kingdom!


Getting organized

agenda2The preparation and organization of our work does not offend the Holy Ghost, on the contrary. God can act without us, but he wants to act with us. We have our share to do and if we do it, we will see the fruits. Let us work as if everything depended on us, and expect the Lord as if everything depended on Him.


Correcting yourself

Spiritual work among children is usually a long-term job, which requires perseverance and patience. But there has to be a positive result. If this is not the case, it is important not to resign yourself, but to take the time to understand the reason for our failures and correct any errors.


Putting the book back on the job

And to progress in efficiency, we must not hesitate to learn again and again:

  • how to make visual aids, how to direct singing, how to tell a story…
  • seek advice from more experienced instructors. Children should not suffer or be deprived of proper education because of a certain amount of pride. The Lord would not approve of us at all! “… be kind and humble towards each other.” (1 Stone 3.8)
  • follow specific training for instructors.
  • See the training provided by the Monitor Workshop, DEF, A.E.E.

We may be particularly good at improvisation, but if it becomes systematic, it is no longer improvisation…
It would be a shame to bring a sloppy teaching for lack of organization, courage or competence!

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