To help you succeed in a moment of sharing and prayer as a family :

  • Prepare a little in advance your intervention in front of the children with the help of the educational sheet (you can ask for advice from the leaders of your church who are used to using this material).
  • Choose a fairly quiet time in the children’s day.
  • Arrange everyone comfortably in a circle.
  • Limit your speaking time to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • To allow children to react through reflections, questions, experiences, but by channelling these exchanges. Otherwise, we go off in all directions and in interminable monologues!
  • Conclude the teaching with a time of respectful prayer.
  • Finish with the various activities that are proposed.


Ideally, this family gathering should be repeated every day at the same time. This is your appointment with God.

This moment should be joyful, relaxed, enjoy sharing the Word of God. It may take some time for the children to get used to being quiet, but persevere and pray, the Lord will help you.

Encourage an attitude of respect for children, especially during prayer. Adopting a contemplative posture (eyes closed, hands together, stable position…) helps them to concentrate and stay calm. Encourage every child to participate, without forcing. The little ones can repeat a prayer said by a parent. Prayer time should be short: about 5 minutes.


A child’s ability to concentrate is, on average, one minute per year of age!

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