Visuals, images, their importance

29 June 2020


Images fixed on whiteboard


Because today’s children are immersed in a media bath (television, music, games. This constant “background noise” leads to difficulties in listening to the   spoken message. Let us help children overcome these difficulties (for which they are not responsible) and do our best to ensure that they receive God’s message in all means at our disposal.








Jesus made sure to make himself well understood by his listeners by using the images within his reach at that time: parables, examples of everyday life, situations (he places a child in the midst of his disciples, he observes the people who give their offering at the entrance of the temple…). If a parable was not enough, he would adjust his teaching with a second or even a third parable.
   Large printed image to be placed on a desk or projected

If these illustrations were necessary at the time when Jesus himself taught, they are all the more so today. Advertisers have understood this for a long time and use the image even towards adults to challenge, to pass notions, to engrave certain things in their minds.

            Drawing on the board. Easy to do with a little training 

The images help children focus on the biblical narrative. Their imagination immediately sets off (you can see it on their faces) and they “enter history”.

Images help children understand abstract notions.

Images make it easier to memorize.


 Cliparts fixed on heart drawn on board


It is obvious that the preparation of visual aids requires some work. But the impact produced is worth it. If we prepare a “great lesson” and the children can’t keep up, focus on teaching, we lose the benefit of our work. If children are not captivated by our teaching, they will tire, week after week, of long speeches, and after a few years they will not want to hear them.

Cardboard silhouettes on flanellograph




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