The goal is above all spiritual,
The instructor needs a variety of spiritual tools:

CommunionCommunion with the Lord
The current must pass between the monitor and God so that the monitor can speak to him and direct him. The monitor will be able to give the children the “bread of heaven.” It is not only the fruit of his intelligence and abilities, but it is also what the Lord will have communicated to him for the children.
The children who have tasted this bread come back, because nothing else resembles it! Perhaps they will go for a time to taste the other “breads” that the world offers, but they will one day return to the Father’s house after finding that the bread in it is the only one that satisfies.

Aware of the stakes and our limitations, we may be overwhelmed by fear. Let us remember that the Lord did not send his angels to do this work, but that he wants to use the human beings that we are. He wanted it that way and we can count on Him. And if we are discouraged by the difficulties inherent in this work, let us not let ourselves get carried away: continue to plow, sow, weed, water… The harvest time will come! And then let’s learn from our failures and “Always work better in the service of the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 15.58)


This powerful tool (just like fasting) can unlock many situations, and open the hearts of children. Let us not forget to pray also for ourselves, so that our hearts are prepared to be led, to have the right reactions, the right answers, etc.

BibleThe Word of God
An approximate knowledge of the teachings of the Bible can lead to drifts. On the other hand, the child taught in this way will have difficulty developing spiritually. It will lack solid foundations and will be destitute when the storm of adolescence comes to question everything. In the face of the enemy, only the Word of God can hold, for it alone is alive and powerful.

Whether we have a taste for study or not, it is essential to acquire or verify its basics:

  • One of the many books of biblical doctrine is available. Some are accessible to all, others are more in-depth


    My preference: “To the sources of biblical Truth” by Myer Pearlman.
  • You can take correspondence courses(

  • One can learn

    about hermeneutics (understanding, interpreting and applying biblical texts) My preference: “Understanding what the Bible says” by Dominique Taillifet .


LookThe testimony of his life
The monitor is an ambassador of the Lord Jesus. The children do not see Jesus, but they see their monitor, they hear him, they talk to him. They will forget many of his words, but they will remember who he is and what emanates from him.

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