Watch out DANGER!

29 June 2020

panneau_dangerpanneau_travauxAn article by Nicole DENIZOU.

The teenagers who are they? Beings in the making, under construction, helpless, I would say in construction.
They therefore need mandatory security measures.

Safety rules

To live in safety, you have to accept rules that are sometimes binding and that you don’t always understand. But unseen dangers can be sustained. Only the specialist knows why. We, as adults, have a responsibility: to warn of danger! Unfortunately, we often know him from experience. Violation of the rule carries risks and risks that can be fatal. The rule is made to be respected, it protects us and ensures our safety.

The equipment

Our life is precious, we have only one and we must teach them to take the utmost care of them. We can also teach them to take refuge in the rock, where the enemy cannot go. But they also need to equip themselves and they need to know why this equipment is necessary, indispensable:
The helmet of salvation: it will be beneficial in many situations. It will protect the head from all projections, shocks, external attacks.
Wearing shoes: they protect from pitfalls, splplplests, stones of the path, cold, heat, bites of beasts that we can encounter, they help to achieve the goal that we have set ourselves with zeal.
The shield of faith: it serves to protect the body, it stops the poisoned arrows of the enemy: AIDS, bad company, drugs, sex.
The sword of the spirit: it is an offensive weapon, it is used to defend itself; it is very important to teach a teenager to defend himself, because he is in this period of transfer so defenseless.
The Belt of Truth: Truth makes you strong. It allows you to stand upright, to keep your body straight.

The role of the adult

We do not always have the answer to their questions.
We do not always have the solutions to solve their problems.
We cannot always prevent them from going through difficulties.
It is up to them to find, to seek, to learn. Nothing beats personal experiences, which you understand for yourself.
Our only imperative: to be referents, to set a framework, limits not to be crossed. Set rules, negotiable and non-negotiable. We all need security, freedom, signs that point the way.

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