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27 June 2020

Here is a selection of books, recent or old, that I have made for you, the monitors, among the many books I have been able to read in order to improve my service. Accessible to all, they constitute a minimum “base” of knowledge essential for our service to children. They are available in Christian bookstores.

serve God


Serving God   is good, serving him well is better! (Thibaud Lavigne)

The evidence that everyone has a place in the service of God raises two others: not all are called to the same service; and the will, however good it may be,not uffit, even if often great things are accomplished not by the most competent, but by the most dedicated. A book to help you revyour motivation to serve God, as he desires, and thus produce an effective and accepted service.





You'd better believe it, book on biblical doctrine


 You’d better believe it (David Petts)

At a time when there is a strong emphasis on spiritual experience, David Petts emphasizes the importance of a solid biblical doctrine in this book. He is convinced that every true work of the Holy Ghost must be consistent with biblical names and that there should be a consensus of all Spirit-filled Christians on certain fundamental teachings.





Understanding what the Bible says, hermeneutics


Understanding what the Bible says (Dominique Taillifet)

After a reminder of essential definitions, the author summarizes the essential general rules for interpreting biblical texts (hermeneutics) in a style accessible to as many people as possible. He then guides us through the various literary genres found in the Bible, to better understand them. This book will not take you away from the Book, on the contrary, it will bring you back to it constantly and will facilitate your apprehension of biblical texts by developing your love for them.





At the Sources of Biblical Truth, Doctrine


At the Sources of Biblical Truth (Myer Pearlman)

This ancient book, which is accessible to all, brings together the main doctrines of the Bible. It is a reference tool for teachers of the Word of God. “All man’s life is about what he thinks and above all, what he thinks of God. (David S. Clarke)”




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